Mystery white dust falling from sky sparks wild theories - Dexerto

2023-03-28 16:33:36 By : Ms. Joye Ling

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A mysterious white powder falling from the sky in Maryland and West Virginia has sparked some wild theories on TikTok.  Circuit Board Printer Machine

Mystery white dust falling from sky sparks wild theories - Dexerto

On February 23, residents from West Virginia and Maryland shared reports of unusual white dust falling from the sky, coating their cars, and outdoor furniture.

After the reports emerged, residents were encouraged to stay inside. However, after it was discovered that the substance didn’t appear harmful, people began scraping it off their belongings.

Some residents stated that the “dust sediment” was sticky and left milky hues on their cars as they attempted to clean it.

Authorities have since carried out an investigation into the substance, but there have been no confirmed answers. TikTok users have now shared their thoughts on what the white particles could be.

Many users thought the white powder might be due to a nearby dust storm that has traveled into other areas.

“Dust from the desert southwest, a very strong storm system causing all the wintry weather across the northern US,” one user said. “Probably dust storm although I don’t think it’s white,” another added.

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Some users made claims that small planes were flying over Maryland and dropping the powder.

“My friend in Maryland saw a small plane dropping white dust this morning. Something weird’s going on,” one user claimed. “I’ve seen a lot of small jets leaving chemical trails lately,” another commented.

Others joked that the white powder falling from the sky could be a marketing stunt for the movie Cocaine Bear, with many calling it “the greatest advertisement ever.”

A few users theorized that the substance could be a residue from the recent Ohio train derailment. The train was carrying toxic chemicals and when 38 of the carriages derailed, a fire started in 12 or more of the cars.

Mystery white dust falling from sky sparks wild theories - Dexerto

Hot Air Circulating Oven However, a spokesperson from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, stated that there is no relation between the train incident and the mysterious white dust.