Where You Should Place Your Bed, According To Vastu Shastra

2023-01-13 12:53:38 By : Ms. Kiki Liao

Throughout history, cultures of all sorts have developed their own approach to creating the most comfortable, energetically flowing, and healing spaces possible. China has feng shui, Denmark has hygge, and Japan has wabi-sabi. Vastu shastra is India's approach. Based on Vedic principles, this practice was developed to balance the five elements — earth, fire, air, water, and space — and promote well-being, happiness, and prosperity in the home, Square Yards.

While the science of vastu shastra involves just about every part of creating a home, from choosing the land to the color of the curtains, you can still use a few of the principles in your existing space to maximize the benefits you will reap. What better place to start than the bedroom? Interior design significantly impacts your emotions and stress levels, so following vastu shastra in a space meant for sleep might help you feel more well-rested, stress-free, and energized throughout your day. Upholstered Bed Frame With Drawers

Where You Should Place Your Bed, According To Vastu Shastra

If you have the option, Vaastu Shastra says your main bedroom should be in the southwest part of the house, as it is tied to the element of earth. This is considered the most important element in vastu shastra and a source of power and heaviness — perfect for encouraging rest and recharge, leaving you ready to face your day. If your home is already set up and your bedroom isn't in the southwest corner, no worries; there are still other things you can do to help with the room's energetic flow.

The bed should be placed along your bedroom's south or west walls but never directly facing or blocking the door. If putting it in that corner isn't possible because of the room's layout or the doors, it should be at least 4 inches away from the wall on each side, with the head of the bed facing any direction besides north.

After you nail down your bed's placement, there are a few other things you can do to enhance the earth's energy in the space. First, and most obviously, stick to earth tones like brown, cream, rust, and even subdued shades of green, an easy switch considering the trending colors of 2023. This rule is a good idea for anywhere you want to make more relaxing — warm, natural tones are cozy and soothing. On the same note, Vaastu Shastra says you should avoid metal bed frames and instead stick with something more organic, like wood, in a regular, rectangular shape.

Where You Should Place Your Bed, According To Vastu Shastra

Metal Elevated Bed Frame With Desk To promote relaxation and decrease negative energy, it's also a good idea to keep electronics and mirrors away from where you sleep. Visual clutter like beams overhead should be avoided if possible. Overall, keep everything simple, earthy, and comforting, and you'll likely find yourself sleeping more soundly throughout the night.